Portugal. The Man - The Dead Dog (Music Video)

XMusicTV.Com presents "Portugal. The Man" and music video to their song The Dead Dog

The band featured below is from Alaska and they are known as Portugal. The Man.

The music video featured is to their song titled The Dead Dog which was track #1 on the the bands 5th studio album titled American Ghetto, originally released in March 2010.

There were no dogs and no death in this presentation, but there is gangsterism, thievery, dancing, money and breaking & entering. Those depictions in the video were done by actors, not role models. Do not try to do this in real life, except for maybe the dancing part.

Portugal. The Man - The Dead Dog

Connect direct with Portugal. The Man at PortugalTheMan.com, Facebook.com/PortugalTheMan, Instagram.com/PortugalTheMan and Twitter.com/PortugalTheMan

In 2010 when American Ghetto was made, the band members were John Baldwin Gourley on vocals and guitar, Jason Sechrist on drums, Ryan Neighbors on keyboard and vocals, Zachary Scott Carothers on bass and vocals, Zoe Manville on vocals, Ian Shaw on backing vocals and roadie Bella Nobu on kazoo.

The band provided the following credits stated:
Our good friend Graham Baclagon directed and put this video together. We are so thankful to have him as part of our team Director of Photography: Fred Miller Assoc. Prod: Jesse Santiago Cast Members: Micah Dejon Williams, Denise Brown, Grandma Brown, Rachel Wickard, William Cummings III, Sharon Kluge, Ken Patel, Timothy Farrell Breakdance parts choreographed by DJ Westside of Chi-town's Finest Breakers. Chi-town Finest Breakers is BGirl Spinderella, B-Boy Turbo, BBoy Mad Skillz aka Lil Crazzy Legz, BBoy Ozone and Special Thanks to Bob Braidwood from The Diner"
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