Kimbra - Everybody Knows (Apothek Rework)

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X Music TV is proud to present the second version of Kimbra's music video to her song titled Everybody Knows, which is track #3 on Kimbra's album titled Primal Heart, released on 4/20, 2018.

We featured the original music video to this song on MusicLoad (link down below). This version was produced to a reworked music verson of the song known as the Everybody Knows (Apothek Rework).

This video below is a bit more edge-of-your-seat and controversial than the original version because it contains a dramatization of domestic violence in the video that may be difficult for many viewers. Kimbra wrote a note about the video in her own words, featured below.

The actors in the video are Liza Tzschirner and David Paryla.

Kimbra - Everybody Knows (Apothek Rework)

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Rework by Apothek. Connect direct with Apothek at,, and

Director: Chester Travis (
Producer: Nicola Fegg
Director of Photography: Heiko Merten (
Editor: Chester Travis - ChesterTravis.Com
Actress: Liza Tzschirner - and
Actor: David Paryla -

Visit The-Indies-Network past posts featuring Kimbra on Music Television at MusicLoad:

I’ve been a big fan of Apothek for a while.
I asked if they would choose a song of mine to rework.
They chose Everybody Knows & sent back their version. I was totally blown away by the way they took the song to a whole new place emotionally. It evoked new depth in the lyrics and had this hypnotizing patience to it with a quiet kind of violence and also a soft, strange intimacy. I felt like I was hearing the song & its meaning (even to myself) in a whole new way.
On making the rework, Nils (of Apothek) said to me, ‘Everybody Knows' has this extremely powerful chorus and it could easily be a much louder experience in a busier soundscape but I really enjoyed putting this song in a mellow and contemplative
environment full of acoustic warped sounds where it could take as much or as little space as it needed.
Sometimes it feels soulful, warm and free - other times it feels a bit wound up and expressive. I like that duality.’
I felt so moved by the rework that I sent it to my friend Chester Travis (director of the video for 'Goldmine') to see if he would make a visual accompaniment for the song. We both felt this song was open to so many different interpretations but definitely agreed that the song speaks to oppression, and we wanted to show another side of that and have it represented by an entirely different video.
This evokes heavy emotions and it’s not always easy to speak openly about the ways we experience oppression in our lives but I’m thankful that art is a way for us to see things anew, and it also grants us the freedom of individual interpretation.

My friend Chester put this song in a stark domestic light that gave my lyrics an eerily poignant and even disturbing angle. But I think it’s important we use music to give us new (sometimes challenging) perspectives, thanks to the eyes that have courage to capture what we can’t always see so quickly for ourselves. Thank you also to Safe Horizon for getting behind this in a way that can actually impact real life.
I welcome you to view this song now through the lens of my 2 very talented friends, Apothek & Chester Travis.

- Kimbra xo

Domestic violence can happen to anyone. If you believe that you, or a loved one may be a victim, help is available:
1-800-621-HOPE (4673)
Official Lyrics to Everybody Knows by Kimbra
money moans
calls you home
vacant eyes
they won’t tell a soul
you fooled me once
now I’m twice as old

see I ain’t gonna lie
but I ain’t gonna phone you
no I ain’t gonna try
to forget what I’ve gone through

got a little box, yeah
that I’m gonna open
take your promises
cause they’ve all been broken

everybody knows about what you do
everybody saw and sold the truth
I was young and gullible
but baby I grew
and now the whole worlds watching you

hands to the bone
hands to the heart
bodies alone
they hide in the dark
but is it a fight
worth fighting?

see I ain’t gonna lie
but I ain’t gonna hold back
or try to deny
you turned a damn good heart black

got a little box yeah
that I’m gonna take back
don’t make your promises
cos I’m finished with all that

everybody knows about what you do
everybody saw and sold the truth
I was young and gullible
but baby I grew
and now the whole worlds watching you
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