About X Music TV

On August 13, 2017, X Music TV went live with it's website at XMusicTV.Com

X-Music-TV is a niche channel for racy and edgy music videos and entertainment content that falls outside of it's Rated-G counterpart/parent, Music Television at MusicTelevision.Com

The inspiration for X Music TV was the need for a place to feature wild acts like Die Antwoord. On August 13, Die Antwoord was the very first post ever onto XMusicTV.Com at this link: XMusicTV.com/2017/08/die-antwoord.html

X Music TV online features music videos where the content delves into politics, sex, drugs, alternative lifestyles, horror movie like videos, depictions of gangster life, and/or the use of foul language.

Content available on X Music TV is not meant to be taken too seriously. It's not real life! It's entertainment after all, just like going to see a gangster or slasher movie at the movie theater. So, try to keep that in perspective and enjoy. However, much of the music will make you think, just like some of the producers/directors and artists had possibly intended. Don't be afraid to think. Just make sure you are thinking for yourself.

X Music TV is not meant to be a brainwashing or a whitewashing tool, nor are you being indoctrinated into a cult. This site does not necessarily agree or disagree with the politics or personal life of the artists featured. It is supposed to be a forum of freedom of thought. So, please think :)

"X Music TV" was founded by Greg Chamberlain, the founder of Music Television at MusicTelevision.Com and The Indies Network of music channels. Follow or connect with Mr. Chamberlain on social media on Twitter and/or on Facebook.

Mariana L. Villanueva is the social media moderator, researcher, assistant editor and music scout for X Music TV and it's affiliates. Follow or connect with Mrs. Villanueva at Facebook.Com/TheIndiesNetwork or on Twitter.Com/Indies