Ashnikko - Halloweenie (Part I & II Pumpkin Spice - Official Music Videos)

X Music TV presents Ashnikko and the music videos for her song titled Halloweenie, Part I & II Pumpkin Spice. Art by Twitter.Com/Dreameater1997 - #XMusicTV

Music Videos like these are why X Music TV was created. #XMusicTV is pleased to present the Parlophone Records recording artist known as Ashnikko and the music videos to her two part Halloweenie music video series, Part I and Part II: Pumpkin Spice. Both videos shot almost one year apart were directed by Henry Dean with cinematography by Donny Johnson. Art featured above is by Twitter.Com/dreameater1997 (Thank you!)

Please press the play button on the first video video below and choose the high resolution & full screen options. At the conclusion of the first music video, the second video will play automatically, followed by over one hour of handpicked X Music TV music video. Enjoy!

Ashnikko - Halloweenie (Part I)

Ashnikko - Halloweenie II: Pumpkin Spice

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